New York 2016

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Day 1

Today was the day! We were leaving for the USA! We left early, about 6 o’clock.During our trip to Paris, pretty much everybody slept…We arrived in Roissy at 12 and the  plane took off at 2pm. The flight lasted 8 hours so we watched movies, played games and slept again! We landed at 4pm in NYC and headed straight to the hotel.We were allocated rooms and started to arrange our things. Then at 8.15, we headed to the restaurant where we had lots of HUGE pizzas. Now we’re all going to bed because we are really tired by this long trip.
Marie, Marion and Louise, the 3 L students

Day 2

Today we visited Central Park : it’s a giant park which is inthe middle of New York. After that we visited the Museum of Natural History . It’s the museum which was used for the    film, La Nuit au Musée. It’s a giant place but we didn’t have enough time to visit it all. We saw the bones and skeletons of dinosaurs. After a picnic in  Central Park, we went up the Empire  State Building to see the view. It was really amazing! Then we saw a show at the Apollo Theater which was really good but noisy. We voted for the artists we preferred and it was really a great time if we could understand English.

Manéa, Clémence B, Anne-Lise, Niels, Chloé S. and Bastien, the S2 students

Day 3

Today was a big day with a lot of amazing sites.We started the day by taking the subway to South Ferry. We took a boat to go to the Statue of Liberty. Then we went to Ellis Island where we ate lunch. After that we visited the Museum. We then went back to NY to discover Wall Street and all the skyscrapers around it. Then we had free time to shop. After our free time, we walked to Ground Zero where the 9/11 terrorist attacks happened. It was really emotional to see all the victims’ names.We visited the museum which was emotional too because of the testimonies and the memorabilia from this tragedy.
To finish the day, we went back to V&T, which is our pizza place .We had a good meal.It was really fantastic to walk in NY today because it was sunny and warm, and also because there’s a good atmosphere in the group.

Brendan, Nathan B., Thomas C., Theodore, Maxence M.,  Nathan P., Elise, Antoine, Dorian, Benjamin M., Julien and Maxime, ELEC, SEN, and STI2D students

Day 4

First we visited the UNITED NATIONS and it was very interesting to see the different rooms where all the countries get together and where the decisions are made . After that , we walked to Grand Central which is New York ‘s main train station.

At midday we ate in Bryant Park,  a very famous park in New-York.
Then we went up TOP OF THE ROCK and we had a very beautiful and clear view of the city. It was very sunny too. It was so cool !
Today was very hot, up to 27 degrees Celsius !
Finally we went to Times Square; there were lo bilots of billlboards where people could post pictures taken in shops.
It was very bright at night and it looked like American movies. It was very impressive.
So, we can say that it was a wonderful day.Sarah,  Cedric, Quentin P and B., Benjamin C.,  Alice, Jeanne, Laureen, Clemence,  Pierre M., Chloé,  Clement and Marie,  ES1 and ES2 students.

Day 5

During this 5th day in New York, we left the hostel at 9 am. Despite the rainy weather we crossed the High Line, a disused railway line. Then we went to Greenwich Village where some of us got lost. We finally got together again on Washington Square. There was a very surprising event ! A big pillow fight had been organized. People were fighting nicely with pillows . It was original and funny. In addition,  we saw an old man who was leading pigeons ! He managed to gather them all around him ! Furthermore, we went to Soho and Little Italy. Just after that we visited Chinatown. It conveys the impression of being in China. Then we had free time. Some students played football with American boys and others bought souvenirs in Chinatown. Just before the last stage of the day, we waited for a long time outside a McDonald’s to go to the restroom and some decided to order food. When the sun went down , we went to Brooklyn Bridge. We walked to the second arch of the bridge and finally turned round and contemplated a wonderful and amazing view ! It concluded particularly well our last full day in New York.

Corentin, Baptiste, Maxence, Valentin, Mélanie, Romaric and Pierre, S3 students.

Day 6

Sunday was our last day. We went to the Met before leaving, but we didn’t have a lot of time to visit it. This museum is extremely big, but very interesting for the little part we saw. Then teachers decided to take us back to the youth hostel to have lunch because it was very cold (about 2 degrees contrary to Friday, 27 degrees).  We had to take the bus to go to the airport very early, at about 1pm. After that, we waited for a long time in the airport : some of us bought food or souvenirs with their last dollars. Finally, the plane took off at night, and we had a splendid view of New York. A few hours later, we arrived at Charles De Gaulle airport and it was the end of our fantastic trip !

Amaury,  Anais, Clothilde, Louise D, Delia, Thomas H. and P., Jules, Mathis, Nathan, Manon, Maëlla, S1 students.

La chanson de la classe Madame MADELON : d’après le poème gravé sur le piédestal de la Statue de la Liberté :