Danemark 2014

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Thursday 27th February 2014


Thursday….. how to sum up this day in only a few words ? It’s really hard because it was such an amazing day full of happiness ! Basically, Thursday was an unforgettable day !
Firstly we had to be at 8 a.m. in Virum Gymnasium in order to go to the ice-skating place where a lot of  us ice-skated ! Even the teachers did !

After an hour more or less of skating , we had to leave the ice rink, and thanks to the teachers we were so happy : they bought us a lovely and tasty hot chocolate ! So thank you to the teachers again for this present because it was really kind of them !

Then we arrived at the Round Tower, an old and beautiful building from where you can see a panoramic view of this

awesome city; Copenhagen. It was somewhat delirious the way we climb to the top !

Then we ate and the teachers allowed us to laze around with at least one or two fellows -We saw nice shops such as Disney store and Lego store too. The meeting point to come

back to Virum Gymnasium was the city hall as usual !

Simon, Guillaume, Camille, Clémence, Jordane and Emma

Wednesday 26th February 2014

Today we first went to Copenhagen Central Station where some people changed euros into Danish krone. Then we had a tour of Copenhagen by bus. We saw the Little Mermaid where we took a group photo and we also saw Tivoli, the opera house and the city hall.

After that we had lunch on the square of the city hall and stayed there for an hour. Then we walked to the Experimentarium where we stayed for 2 hours. We played different games like curling, skiing, water games. It was really cool. We had a good afternoon. We felt like children.
Then we went back to school and with our penpals we prepared some food to eat for the Danish-French soirée at the school. It was really good to see what Danish people eat. During the soirée, a Danish teacher taught us a typical dance in Denmark.

The Warriors
Mathilde, Marion, Ninon, Melisse, Cécilia, Justin and Raphaël

Tuesday 25th February 2014


 For breakfast we ate bread and  butter with a drink of  milk. Most of us  come to school by bike. First, we were in a Danish lesson in the conference room. We had a presentation about “Global Warming”. There were 108 Danish people. At 10 o’clock, we took the bus and went to Humlebæk to visit the Louisiana Museum. We saw the landscape with the sea, Øresund. We took some group photos. Then, we made two groups. The first group went with the tour guide of the museum and afterwards the creation of a  statuette in the style of Giacometti. The second group started without the guide and afterwards the creation. The guide spoke about the story of the Louisiana Museum and its architecture. We saw many bronze sculptures. The first sculpture was a “Bird” called “Le grand assistant” by Max Ernst. He sculpted it for Pablo Picasso. The second sculpture was a giant woman who was very thin and called « La dame debout » by Alberto Giacometti. We drew her figure. Moreover, we created a statuette with wax and imagined a story around it. It was a very good visit and day.  We were very interested in the sculptures and the paintings. The guides were very friendly. We all enjoyed the visit very much.

The Little Mermaids

François, Grégoire, Victor, Jean-Emmanuel and Jocelyn.

Monday, 24th February

Very early in the morning, we took the ferry at about 3 am to go to the island of Zealand in Denmark and we arrived in Virum with a beautiful sun rising !
We arrived to Virum Gymnasium to see our penpals for the first time and we ate breakfast with them (well, one of them was still in China !). Then some of us had to do oral presentations for our Danish penpals in French which were more or less prepared.
After that, we took a break and then we had a History lesson in French about Denmark by the co-director but we were really tired from our trip and some of us slept… The Danish cooks prepared sandwiches for lunch and that was delicious ! That’s how the morning ended.
In the afternoon, after the 30-minute break for lunch, we were separated into 4 groups to participate in an English class : It was really different from France, the class was dynamic, funny, there were a lot of interactions between the students ! A 10-minute break later, we were placed in a French class to let those who hadn’t shown their presentations do theirs, and then speak with them, ask and answer questions, read a text with them to help them with their pronunciation or for words that some didn’t understand. Apparently, Danes know that French people eat a lot of bread and cheese !
Finally we had to go to our penpals´ houses, to meet their families and the place where we are going to live for the week !
To be continued …
Thomas, Lionel, Adel, Eliott, Theo and Jean

Sunday, the 23rd February

We left Laval at 7 am for a 23-hour trip. During this trip we had some breaks to eat or go to the toilets.
At 12 we ate the picnic and then watched « The Columbiana », a very famous movie.
We discovered the same landscapes as those in France. We crossed Belgium  and Germany. They are beautiful countries. At 2 am everybody, including teachers, fell asleep.As we were group leaders

, we had to tell the rules to the rest of the group. We had to distribute the document for the English lesson and the travel book for the journey. Each member of the group talked in English during the day. We boarded on the ferry at 3 am and crossed the sea between Germany and Denmark.
The Vikings : Jonathan,  both Cléments,  Fabien, Baptiste and Lucas.

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