Danemark 2018

On Friday night, we took the bus from Laval to Paris (At midnigt). During the journey, people talked, listened to music or slept. Then we arrived at the airport (Roissy Charles de Gaulle) and we checked in. We took the direction of the terminal and we waited for the boarding. So we got on a shuttle which took us to the plane (It was EasyJet airline). After two hours of flight, we finally arrived to the Copenhagen airport and our Danish penpals were waiting for us. So we left with our correspondents and each of us met his penpal’s family. This day was extremely exhausting.

Hugo Giuliani



Today we spent the day at the Danish high-school to attend classes of English and French too. We started the day at 8:00 am, some of us took the bus or the bicycle or we walked to come to school. Then we were divided into several groups and we attended lessons of Danish until 9:30 am. After that, before lunch, we had english lessons. Then we went to the cantine to eat some sandwiches that we had made in the morning at home.
We continued with a ‘module’ of mathematics .In denmark they call a class a ‘module’ . It lasts 1:30 . The maths module was about trigonometry and geometry too. To end this day, at 1:30 pm we had a French-english lesson : we helped Danish people to make sentences about their habits during a typical day and they helped us in in English. We had group discussions.Then we went to Lyngby with our correspondants ( where there is a big shopping center) to buy some snacks and after that we came back home at 6:00 pm.

Day 3 :

Day 4 :

Today, it’s the last day in Denmark, we went to the Opera House. It’s a beautiful building where there are a lot of ballets and operas. It is located on an artificial Island opposite the Royal Palace. It was built by a ship owner who died 5 years ago. He was the owner of MSC Company so he had a lot of money. He offered this Opera to the city of Copenhagen as a present. The visit was really impressive.