Danemark 2017


We took the coach at 3.45am to go to Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport.

We had a break in Chartres on the highway, and we arrived in Paris at 7.20am. Teun and Matthieu spoke on the microphone to explain how the arrival at the terminal would unfold. The bus left us in front of terminal 3.

After that, me and Ismael went to the information desk of the terminal to ask what we could keep in our hand luggage.

We told it to the group.

Then, we went to the check in and all students and teachers registered our suitcases.

We were controlled by the security of the airport and we arrived at the boarding area. We waited 1 hour and, after that, we boarded the plane.

The plane was an Airbus A320 from the Vueling Company, a Spanish company.

We took off at 11.15am.

The weather wasn’t with us today. It rained all day long, and when we were in the plane, the visibility was very reduced. After 2 hours of flight, we arrived in Copenhague airport, and then we went to meet our penpals. They were very welcoming. All the penpals and their family had in their hands, little flags of Denmark and formed a guard of honour. All the students joined their families and spent the rest of the day with them.

Killian, Ismaël, Teun , Matthieu


Today we first attended an English class at Virum Gymnasium from 8 to 9:30.

Then we went to Louisiana by bus. From the museum, we enjoyed the beautiful landscape.

Inside the museum, we discovered and worked on funny modern art paintings by a Danish painter. We also studied sculptures by Giacometti an Italian sculptor..:

We also discovered a strange photograph which combines elements of the past and elements of the present. We then participated in a workshop and we created our own sculptures inspired by Giacometti’s work:

There was an exhibition where we could enter a strange huge box with lighting and colorful effects in the dark.

This day was also very particular because we got snow and cold all day long.

It was really interesting because we learned many things about the Danish culture.

Jean, Antonin, Elvin, Ludovic


Visit of Copenhaguen

Yesterday the weather was cold it snowed all day long.

We had a lot of fun, we did a snow battle before taking the train to go to Copenhagen.

After that we took a boat on the Nyhavn canal to do a sightseeing tour of the city.

It was really cool, we could see many interesting parts of Copenhagen. From the canal we saw the Opera or the famous Little mermaid, it was really beautiful with the snow.

Then we went to the place of the Queen’s palace to see the changing of the guards and with a military brass band it was cool but we were really cold.

We had some time to eat, everybody went into restaurants or cafés because a lot of snow was falling.

Moreover, we went to the Round Tower where we had a visit with a guide. He explained the construction and the story of this old tower. We went to the top of the tower to see a beautiful view of Copenhagen, it was pretty impressive because of the snow on all the rooves.

At this moment we are on the train to return to virum gymnasium, it was a good day all of everybody keep a lot of memories of this day.

Hello this is Mathilde from Copenhagen and here is my group’s daily report for Thursday 9th February 2017Today it was a very good day. We got to experience the cold weather and the snow in Denmark. Normally we had to be at the Opera at 11 o’clock, but because of the snow the public transport was delayed, on the course of that we had to wait for about 20 minutes longer than expected. Unfortunately we arrived at our destination a quarter later. 

From the outside it looked like a small building, but when we entered it was like a whole different experience. Everything was so expressive. Even the walls weresomething special that we had never seen before. The walls are made of different pieces of marble and each piece makes its own sound when you knock on it. We all wanted to try to make a song of our own. 

After the visit at the opera we got some free time where we could wander near the Round Tower area to do some shopping. Some of us chose to spend their last krone while others just wanted to get warm by entering different shops. During this free time some of us gathered together to go eating. Afterwards the teachers offered all of us some delicious hot chocolate or some great apple juices in one of the most trendy restaurant among young people in Copenhagen called Joe and the Juice.. 

After this great time in Copenhagen, we took the metro back to Virum Station. Then we walked back to the school, where our pen pals were waiting for us.

Back at home we ate our last family dinner with the family and got ready for the trip back to France. We are all amazed by the penpals and their parents’ friendliness.

Mathilde, Camille, Mathilde, Lisa, Amandine, Florine, Carla