Danemark 2016


Day1aToday we discovered Virum Gymnasium where our penpals study, and we attended some lessons with our penpals . We also had special French classes : we talked about the French and Danish identities. We compared the school systems in both countries and saw that there were a lot of differences like the pupils/teachers relationships. The way we study is different too because they all use laptop computers a lot. Then we had lunch but the break is only 30 minutes long in Denmark. At the end of the school day, we had English lessons for 2 hours : we mostly worked with a mobile application called « Kahoot » : we had to do a Quizz that the teachers had prepared about grammar and we also worked on our pronunciation.. We are now at our families’, relaxed and quiet while the

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Matthias Brault


Day 2

Today we visited the museum of modern art called « Louisiana » in the north of Copenhagen. We had to prepare the journey so we decided to take a first bus at « virumvej station » and  a second one at « lyngby station ». It’s a beautiful museum and it’s really famous here in Danemark. The place is incredible ! The museum is in front of the sea and we could see sweden from there.
We had a guided tour and a workshop when we learn to sculpt modern sculptures . 0ur guide said to us that the architect wanted the visitors to feel like home in this museum.

See you tomorrow.

Day 3

Today we had a guided tour of Copenhagen on a boat. We saw the famous Little Mermaid. After this, we visited the round tower, which is a tower with no stairs but from which we have a beautiful view of the city. Near this tower there is a wonderful church. Then we went to the Planetarium, which is amazing too. We watched a 3 D movie about the universe, the planets and new technology about the space conquest. After this long and busy day we got back to school .

Sacha Bures

day3IMG_20160203_094649 IMG_20160203_113028 IMG_20160203_113524Day 3

Today we visited Copenhagen and went on a tour in a boat, we saw the Little Mermaid and many other monuments. The landscape was beautiful and impressive. Afterwards we walked to Round Tower and climbed it. It was very cold and windy at the top of Tower but the from up there we had a great view of Copenhagen. Then we walked to the Planetarium where we ate our lunch. At the Planetarium we watched a movie in 3D about the universe. It was a very good day and the sun was present. After that we took the metro then then the train back to Virum where we our penpals were waiting for us to go back home.

Marie Barbe, Méline Lohéac, Mathis Coulon


Day 4

This morning we had one last lesson with our Danish penpals at Virum Gymnasium. Then we all took a photo together before saying goodbye because it was time to go. We then walked to the train station,to reach Central Copenhagen where we took a train to the airport. We landed at the airport in Roissy and we waited, waited and waited again because the bus was late due to traffic and the strike of the taxi drivers in Paris.The coach eventually arrived and we had a four-hour trip by coach back home  to get some sleep. A good night sleep.

Typhaine, Pauline, Marie, Charlotte