Danemark 2015


Le film réalisé par Maxime Ronceray :

Le compte-rendu, jour après jour, du séjour des 31 élèves de Première au Danemark en février 2015 :



Le lycée danois a mis plein de photos sur son site !

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Jeudi 5 février

Today, we have taken a train from the high school in Virum to Copenhage to go ice-skating. It was very cool. The students and the teachers had fun. After that , the teachers gave a coffee or a chocolate.
Then we went to the Round Tower. It was built in 1642 by Christian IV. It’s a big tower, it was very old and it has built a spiral staircase. It was very interesting and there is one very beautiful view at the level of observatory at the very top of the tower.
Then, we had  free time in the city centre, where we  spent our last Krone.
And for the end, we took a bus to go to the Opera House. We were guided by a guide and he gave us information about the construction of the opera, how they prepared their shows. It was very interesting and much fun.

Alice, Jeanne, Alexis, Francois and Pierre-Ambroise.

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Mercredi 4 février

This morning we’ve been to Copenhagen. It was very interesting. We started with a tour of the city by boat. To go there, we took the train from Virum to Nørreport. All along we saw a lot of important buildings and monuments, and the famous Little Mermaid. It was  hot on the boat but sometimes people opened windows to take pictures and let the cold air into the boat. After that we walked in Copenhagen to the Planetarium. We had lunch in the hall of the Planetarium. The  staff was very nice with us because normally it is not allowed to stay in the hall to eat but it was cold outside. We’ve seen many IMAX movies in 3D or 2D about our solar system and the ice age. It was interesting even if a few people fell  asleep during the films. Then we had many games to play like LEGO (we’ve played like kids) and a game which worked with body motions. We had a room with astronaut stuff and videos to learn things about our solar system and other things about space. Finally we left Copenhagen and we went back to school. We finished to prepare the party due in the evening. Danes had prepared many dishes. We played with Danes a multiplayer quiz game « Kahoot ». Afterwards we went to the sport room of the Gymnasium to dance 2 by 2 in a group of 8 students a traditional Danish dance. I don’t remember the name, sorry. It was a very fun experience even if I was very bad at dancing!

Mardi 3 février

Today, we had a long day. In the morning, just before we went to Louisiana, we participated in an English lesson. After the English lesson, we took the train to see the museum in Humlebæk ( 30 minutes from Copenhagen) . It is situated in a big park .The surroundings was very beautiful! The restaurant had a panorama window, through the window you could see the Baltic Sea and Sweden. We went into a store where we could buy books or artwork. The mix between architecture and nature is awesome. We saw a large collection of scupltures and paintings. We had a “snowball fight » with Mr Chereau . It was a lot of fun. After lunch, a woman guided us through the museum. She asked us to draw a perspective drawing of some artwork and she explained the differents outlook of works to us. We made a wax sculpture. Then, we returned to our families by train.

Walkers of Copenhagen: Elise, Clement, Bryan, Killian and Esteban .

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 Lundi 2 février

 Today, our team was the guide of all the French people. We were at school and we  went to English and French classes. Virum Gymnasium is a  totally different high school from Immaculee Conception. The school system is different. Students have classrooms for each subjects and many rooms to take breaks. Moreover, their time tables are different from ours. They start school at 8 a.m and they finish school at 3 p.m and their classes last 1hour30. They have a very nice high school, it’s big and well decorated.

The seagull team: Marie, Cedric, Caroline, Bastien and Jordan.


Le lycée :

 Dimanche 1er février

The first day’s guides were Dylan, Julien, Leila, Clemence, Quentin and Benjamin C. It was very hard to regroup everybody because we are a large group.

The temperature was like 4 degrees in Paris, but in Copenhagen it was a shock, it was snowing. And the temperature was near 0 degree.

The airport of Copenhagen is very big. Thanks to Louis’s father.(Benjamin M’s penalty) we found the place where our luggage was.

Then it was awesome when we saw all the families who were waiting for us. It was the great moment of the day. We will remember this for a long time.

After this tiring day, we spent a part of the afternoon with our families, for some of us, they visited Copenhaguen, some visited Virum.

We are really looking forward to discovering the school.

Copenhague Dreamteam



Côté son, allez faire un tour sur le blog de l’IMC Radio, la webradio du lycée, qui diffusera, quelques instants captés sur place.



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