Australie 2017

MAJ Vendredi 3 mars les derniers jours ont ete tres charges… je n’aurai pas le temps de recuperer les reports et mettre a jour le blog pour mercredi jeudi.

mercredi nous sommes restes a l’ecole puis jeudi nous avons visite Melbourne avec une visite au memorial puis une visite guidee sur l’architecture et l’histoire du centre ville et enfin nous avons termine par une croisiere sur la Yarra.

Nous prenons l’avion ce soir avec beaucoup de tristesse mais plein de souvenirs dans la tete….. merci du fond du coeur a nos amis de Beaconhills et ailleurs rencontres pendant notre sejour a Sydney et a Melbourne (desolee pour les accents, j’utilise un clavier qwerty).

A bientot


Friday 3/03 report by Salomé

On Friday morning, we started the day with an assembly at the Berrick campus. There was mostly young students in the assembly (Prep and Year 1). We sang both Australian and French national anthems, then two students, Anne-Lise and Lucille, made a speech in front of the assembly. It was really impressive and stunning since they were filmed and their faces were shown on three big screens, so that everyone could easily see them.
Then, we were leaded through the school for a last tour. The teacher who guided us showed us the building dedicated to the Prep children. It was a very new and modern building, in which it has to be nice to study.
We all gathered in our usual French classroom for a break ; the teacher had brought snacks for everyone (donuts, timtams…). We all enjoyed it.
Afterwards we followed our exchange students to their class ; I had a history lesson.
Then we went to an origami session. We were all surprised because we didn’t think we would enjoy so much doing origami, but it was very calming and quite addictive !
It was now time for the lunch, we all gathered once again in the French classroom. We had to eat quite fast since we had an AFL game on our lunchtime. We didn’t have much time to play footy but it was very enjoyable and we all wished to play longer.
After the AFL game, the last class of the day was a science lesson. The teacher was very nice ; because we were only French students in this lesson, she had prepared funny activities around four sciences : chemistry, physics, geology and biology. We all went to the chemistry activities first, where we could make slime and a non-Newtonian fluid (water and cornflour). This class was a lot of fun and a very nice way to finish our school time in Australia.
Then we all went to our respective homes, to finish packing up. At 6pm, we gathered at the Berrick campus for the goodbyes with the families. It was a very sad moment and most of the French and Australians cried. The bus left at 6:30pm, and the French were in a gloomy mood for a little while. The plane for Doha took off at 11pm.
Our last day in Australia was very sunny, and none of us wanted to leave. We will all miss this great country and those great people.

Tuesday 28/02 report by Alice
Leaving school at 8h20, we went to Point Leo to learn how to surf. Because of the hot and dry weather, the waves were not too big, so it was perfect for people surfing for the first time.
We were separated in 2 groups of 15 and had 2 hours of lesson per group. The group which wasn’t surfing could enjoy the beautiful beach, sunbath and have lunch. It was very hot so we quickly moved to the shadow provided by the trees.
Before the surf lesson, the teachers gave us some tips about how to surf – the position, and different ways to stand up on the paddle. One way was to jump and stand right away – it was obviously the hardest way. The other, better for the learners we were, was in four steps. First, we had to take the initial position (to lay on the paddle, our toes touching the back). Then, to put our arms straight, the chest turned up. After that, we had to stand on our hands and knees. Finally, we had to get stood up in one jump. Then we went into the water, which was surprisingly lukewarm.
Some students were reassured by the wetsuit that allowed us to float nicely. We moved further to catch good waves, the teachers leading and helping us. After a few tries, even though we were still all bad at surfing, we all enjoyed the lesson. We all wished it last longer, and it will probably give some students the desire to have more surfing lessons, in France this time.

Monday 27/02 Report by Eleonore

Today was a Professional Learning Day for our Australian pen-pals. This means they didn’t have to go to school today, so few of them, including my exchange student Maria, decided to go to the city.
This day was a busy day. Indeed, we had to wake up earlier than usual to take the train at 9:30 am. After an hour of travel, during which we spoke together and read, we arrived at the station. The sun was already blazing upon our heads and the heat came close to 30 degrees. Thankfully, both of us had our sunglasses and sunscreen. We met the rest of the group at 11:00 am, and began our shopping day. The girls were drawn to the clothes shops. However some of them did decide to buy few books also. After two hours of intensive shopping, we gathered together for lunch and ordered some food at a fast food restaurant, called Schnitz, which specialised in schnitzel (such as fried chicken).
We ate together in a park in front of the State Library, which we could admire for half an hour. The temperature was rising, so we decided to enter in a shopping center and refresh ourselves by drinking a lot of water. Some of us bought some more clothes, others tea but also shoes, cosmetics and jewellery. There were so many interesting things, but we didn’t have the money to buy everything.
Today allowed me to discover a part of the town, by walking in the streets and passing in front of few monuments. I alsofinished buying presents for my family. We left at 4:00 pm but Maria and I had some problems and missed our train. We finally found a solution and came back at home at 6:00 pm. Maria being Egyptian, we had dinner which was some food
specialities such as dolma, composed of rice and herbs wrapped in a leaf, which were delicious. I had also the luck of learn some Arabic words and discover another culture.
This day was an amazing day to begin this last week in Australia.

Sunday 26/02

Report by Theo

This day was a free time for us in our family. In our case, we woke up at 1 pm after the saturday party. We help our family to clean the house due to the party. After that, we were going to thebeach and our family teached us how to surf. That was very funny but a bit hard. We enjoyed the sun and the beach because we were totally sunburned! To finish the day properly, we ate a fish and chips in a typical australian restaurant just in front of the sea. It was delicious. We finally went to bed at 11 pm because there were many people on the road to return home.

Report by Apolline

Today was a day to explore with our families. As for us, it was a busy day. After the tiring week, we decided to take advantage of the weekend so we woke up a bit later.
First of all, after eating toast, I had the opportunity to see an auction. Indeed, Maddy’s uncle was trying to sell his house located in a charming suburb of East Malvern, close to the biggest shopping centre in the Southern Hemisphere – Chadstone. This mean of selling is more common in Australia than in France. That was really interesting, and it enabled me to meet a few members of my exchange student’s family.
Then we paid a visit to Maddy’s cousin. His wife is French and they have three children ( Kian, Ryan and Noah) who are able to speak English and French. They were really cute. Their mother made crepes and I also tried the traditional hot cross buns, usually eaten on the occasion of Easter since it represents Jesus’s cross.
In the afternoon, we spent time in Melbourne. What strook me the most were the numerous buildings throughout the city .
By the way, we went to the top of the tallest building in Melbourne called the Eureka Tower. We had a view of the entire city, that was impressive.
Before that, we had fun in a museum of optical illusions, Artvo. Indeed we took many funny and uncommon pictures, such as Maddy painting Mona Lisa, or both of us meeting King Kong.
As it was very warm (around 32 degrees), we ate a delicious ice-cream and then we took the famous city circle tram of Melbourne in order to discover the city.
Finally we had dinner in a pizzeria located in Lygon Street famous for its Italian community.
This day was a really good day : It enabled me to discover many things and to have fun at the same time!

Saturday 25/02 Report by Héloise

On saturday, we went to the Berwick show, the town’s festival which happen only once a year. It’s like a funfair. You can do attractions, assist at shows of dancers or singers, horses competition. There is lot of animals too like chikens or alpacas. Lot of stuff to do there. However the show is really expansive compare to France, you have to pay to get in and you need the attractions which you want to do ! In the evening, we went to a party with all the french and australians students

Friday 24/02 Report by Enora

On Berwick by Enora: Today was a school day, the first period was media, we try to reproduce Andy Warhol’s pop art with our face. I found it complicated but interesting ! After that we had to follow our exchange studen, but Paige had business class which I already had the day before so I stay in media class, where the students were studying a film it was really dynamic ! After that we have 30min of break and we had history wich was really interesting we learn much about the history of Australia. Just before the lunch we had french class with year nine, they were studying « le petit chaperon rouge » the methods of learning were really different from the French one but it was interesting too. At lunch time we stay in the French classroom, and in period five I had drama which was really cool and fun. That was my school day in Australia.

Wednesday 22/02 Report by Francois

This day was a very long sunny day were the temperature was always between 27 and 34.
We first begun this wonderful day with one hour with our pen-pal student in their class. After that we run to the bus in order to take a typical « vintage » train used by woodcutters at the beginning of the twentieth century. On the road to take the train, we did a little break in the objective to feed some amazing birds. It was really fun because there were quite big and very hungry.After that we took the train and after a quite long time to travel through beautiful landscapes in a peaceful atmosphere we arrived in a lovely place with lakes. We enjoyed this moment to lunch, to have fun around music or just to sleep on the grass. Some did water-bike on the lake.
Then we all took again the bus in order to see the penguin parade. We visited the Antarctic Journey parc where we could experience what is it like to live in the Antarctic. Then we ate at the restaurant to wait the sunset. After the sun has gone down, we saw many of them cross the beach to reach their home. We were very Lucky to see that because it was awesome, fantastic. Finally after a fast looking under the bus to see if there were no penguins we went back to our home.

Tuesday 21st of February report by Anais

we went to Sovereign Hill. We took the bus at 9:00 am in Pakenham and then we took the other french students in Berwick at 9:15am. We had two hours of bus from Berwick to Sovereign Hill, however we were late because of a plane crash in Melbourne. We arrived at 11:45 am and then, during one hour, we visited the little village which seemed like a western village. The people who work there were wearing old clothes from western age and it gave the impression that we were at western age. After that, at 1:00 pm, we saw an animation with a man who was making a gold bullion. It was really impressive to see how a gold bullion is made. Then,  we went to a little river to find gold. But gold was really small so it was difficult to find it but we found gold and it was really amazing and funny to do it. We could also visit again the village and buy some souvenirs. Finally, we visited the gold mine. We took the train in the dark and watched a film about the discovering of gold which dealed with two brothers who discovered it and it was really interesting. We took the bus again to come back to the campus and we arrived at 7:00 pm.

Monday 20/02 – Report – by Héléna and Florent 

PAKENHAM CAMPUS Firstly, we made a school tour led by 2 students from the school. It was impressive to see it  because they have much more money for their equipment but school is more costly than in France (approximately 10000 dollars a year). Moreover school is bigger than in France because they are some children who have only 5 years old with some who have 18 years old, they are in the same school even if they are separated inside by special spaces. In addition, there is more grass and a lot of trees compare to our school and that’s a great thing.
So after this visit we had an English class where we played games and also learned some Australian expressions.
Then we had a little snack where we discovered some special Australian cakes.
To finish the morning with we had a French lesson with Australian students and then we had a cooking lesson where we made some biscuits (named « ANZAC »).
We had a lunch then prepared by the family and we had to finish the day a sport lesson where we learned the basics of Australian football and played then a game between French people.
School finished at 3:00 pm and we all came back to our one family then.

BERWICK: Monday was our first day at our correspondant’s school. We started the day by a cooking lesson where I could improuve my almost non existent cooking skills by baking what australians call « anzac biscuits » which were used during the world war for the soldiers to feed. In the end I didn’t totally fail since I found my biscuits quite good even though they were supposed to be all crispy where mine were all soft. We then went on a school tour with some australian students. Their school has way more features than ours. After that we went for a snack with the australian students which was quite disturbing because we are not really used to eating at 11h something consistent and then eat again at 1h30. So inbetween those two lunches we had art where we basically painted leaves in the aboriginal way so we could later use them as bookmarks. It was a very funny way to discover more about the australian and especially the indigenous art. Right after we went to the school library where we were presented some picture books for children and we had to translate some of them. Finally we could follow our correspondant to his class and so i went with my host student Amy in Health. For me it looked like a mix between « SES » and « sociologie » because we were learning the influence of the behaviour and the social environment on the australian population’s health. It was really enteresing to do a subject which I wasn’t having in France at all. After that I went home with my correspondant and we just enjoyed a delicious barbecue. It was overall a good day.

Sunday 19/02 – Report -by Eliot and Théo

This Day was a free time for us in our family. In  our case, he woke up at 7 am in order to watch our penfriend played baseball.This was a good time with a rainy weather. Then we came back home we ate hot dog . Later, as we were very tired we decided to have a rest. But unfortunately we sleep all the afternoon and we woke up at 7 pm in order to have a dinner. After that we go to bed again because we are very tired.

Saturday 18/02 – Report – by Alexis and Anne-Lise

Anne Lise; In the morning we left the hostel, to take the ferry to go to a huge zoo; Taronga Zoo! In this zoo we saw some good shows of animals like the seals and birds. Then we had the privilege to have a moment with a koala in groups of four. We could take photos and selfies with him. After that, we took the ferry back to the hostel and packed our luggage. We went to the airport to catch our plane to go to Melbourne, in the plane we had a moment of panic because there was a lot of turbulence for like 5 minutes. Then we arrived at Melbourne Airport, we took a bus to go to Beaconhills College and we went to our exchange student’s house. And I think it was probably the same for all of us when we arrived, we took a shower, ate a snack and we slept!!

Alexis; On Saturday we took the ferry to go to the zoo of Sydney, we had a good panorama of the city ( Opera House, Bridge, buildings,… ). Then we visited the zoo, we saw elephants, kangaroos, suricates,… and we had time to take photos with koalas. The afternoon we went back to our hostel at Sydney to take our luggage. We went to the airport to take the flight for Melbourne. We arrived in the family near 9PM. Nights with families

Friday 17/02 – Blue Mountains Report by Audrey

Before we went to the blue mountains we stopped in a center (Featherdale Wild life park) that had Australian animals. It was the first time that we saw wallabies and koalas in Australia! You can get very close to the animals and touch and feed the wallabies. There are a lot of Australian birds too. We also saw a Tasmanian devil, platypus, echidna and dingo (which is similar to a dog). We saw other animals which we knew already like emus and donkeys. We had a lot of fun, i love how we were so close to the animals !
After one more hour of bus we get to the blue mountains. Do you know why we call them that way ? It is because of the eucalyptus which are the trees the most present in the area. When the weather is hot, the eucalyptus spread their essences in the air. And since the colour of their essences are blue, the mountains looks blue ! Unfortunately for us that day mountains were green since the weather wasn’t that good … but we still saw amazing landscape !
To go down the mountains we first used a train. This train is very special ! The train go down with a 52° Hill !!! Scary, isn’t it ? But actually since the train go slow we can relax and have time to enjoy the landscapes in front of us.

In the blue mountains there is also the three sisters. They are big rocks located at the top of the mountain.

We went to the aboriginal museum to watch a show made by an aboriginal family. At the entrance, a man painted in our face a white line just below our eyes which represented « our eyes opening to the culture ». But some have an other drawing.

Which was surprising is the fact that one of the aboriginal had a clear skin like European! So they explained us that it exists a lot of kind of aboriginal with different cultures.

They also tell us, the legend of the creation of the didgeridoo. So it was the story of an aboriginal who heard a strange noise in the forest. He followed this noise and he discovered a hollow trunk. It was the wind which flew in it which made this weird noise. So when he get back to his village he tried to reproduce it but he failed and his people made fun of him. Nevertheless he didn’t give up he finished to succeed to make the same noise than the wind do. With this he could imitate the cries of savage animals. So this instrument is a symbol of this people.

Then they showed us some dance and the funniest was the one of the Emu.

So for me it was surprising to see the differences you can have in a same people and also to discover a bit more an other culture totally different than ours.

Thursday 16/02 – Report by Mathieu’s D room

Today we left the YHA at 8:30am. First, we took a train to Bondi Junction and then we took a bus to Bondi beach, which is one of the most famous beaches in Australia. Furthermore, the beach is also famous for the surfing as the waves are big. Then, we walked along the coast to discover the different landscapes and stopped to swim in the sea. Meanwhile some people were in a part of the sea where the waves were small, the others were playing in the huge waves which are taller than us. We had a lot of fun before walking 1 hour in a very hot weather. As the teachers saw our lack of water, they bought us ice-creams. We finished the day by visiting the famous neighbourhood Paddington where a small house costs 1 million AUS$.

Wednesday 15/02 – Report by Mélinda’s room

Today was the 15th of February and it was our first day in Sydney. We discovered by foot Syndey’s Downtown with a frenchspeaking guide who took us through Chinatown and « Darling Harbor ». After we had our lunch in a park facing the Sydney Harbor Bridge, we went to discover the Rock discrict. After that, we headed to the Sydney Opera which actually a cultural center aswel as a place of concert. Finally we went to the Sydney Tower Eye by passing through the Botanic Garden.
It was a very hot day, and we expect tomorrow the be ever hotter.
Monday/ Tuesday 13-14/02- Report by Lucile’s room

As you all know, we left our school Immaculée Conception on monday morning at 2:30 am. After 4 hours of bus, we arrived at the airport Charles de Gaulle. We waited for the plane during 3 hours.It was a big moment for some of us : it was the first time they took the plane. After 6 little hours, we arrived at the airport of Doha. It was an enormous airport with luxurious shops in the duty free. We waited a little and took our second flight. It was much longer, because it lasted almost 14 hours. We spent our time between sleeping, eating and watching movies. Moreover, we had a big event : the birthday of Alexis. In fact, our dear friend celebrated his 18’s in a Qatar airlines’ plane. We arrived in Sydney with the sunset over the airport. Tired, we ate at McDonald’s and we go to sleep

=> Nous sommes bien arrivés à Sydney après un long périple -sans encombres- . Nous avons eu les élèves à l’oeil *rires*
Après une très courte nuit, nous commençons immédiatement à nous imprégner de la vie à Sydney et en Australie… Le contact avec la biodiversité est parfois surprenant ! Vous allez trouver ci-dessus jour à après jour le résumé de nos journées.
Bonne lecture.

Du 13 février au 4 mars 2017, 28 élèves s’envoleront pour découvrir l’Australie et pour retrouver leurs correspondants de Beaconhills College à Melbourne.

Voici le programme :


  • Découverte du centre ville (quartier des Rocks, Harbour bridge, jardin botanique etc)
  • Visite guidée de l’Opéra
  • Découverte du Eastern Beaches Coastal Walk menant à Bondi Beach, quartier Paddington
  • Journée dans les Blue Mountains : visite du centre culturel aborigène de Waradah, parc de Featherdale, Scenic World dans la Jamieson Valley.


  • Découverte du système scolaire australien
  • Musée à ciel ouvert de Sovereign Hill
  • Journée à la découverte de la Great Ocean Road et des Twelve Apostles
  • Musée de Melbourne, découverte du CBD et visite du War Memorial
  • A la découverte du bush dans un authentique train pionnier : Puffing Billy
  • Antarctic Journey et Phillip Island pour découvrir la parade des manchots
  • Leçon de surf

Ici, sur cette page, vous pourrez lire, jour après jour, le compte-rendu rédigé par les élèves, accompagné de photos !