Australie 2015

Retrouvez ici toutes les news du voyage en Australie jour après jour !

Mardi … N’oubliez pas votre réveil ! Départ 3 heures sur le plateau sports du collège

Mercredi 08 avril et jeudi 09 avril

Nous sommes bien tous arrivés sans problème à Melbourne après une trentaine d’heures de voyage. Les retrouvailles ont été chaleureuses .. maintenant, un peu de repos !

Daily report by Nathan Macé:

20150409_025603-1 (picture from the second flight)

Today we left our high school at 3:00 am in bus. We went to the airport « Charles de Gaulle ». We checked in our luggages and we boarded on a Boeing 777 from Etihad. The first flight lasted approximatly 9 hours: from Paris to Abu Dabhi). The second flight lasted 13 or 14 hours (from Abu Dabhi to Melbourne). We ate very well in each flight. The flights were very good but quite long. We met the australian family after one hour of bus. Even if we already knew our penpals it was exciting. Then we finished the day by a big sleep.

Australia coat of arms


Vendredi 10 april

Daily report by Astrid DENIAU

Today we visited a zoo. We were VIP. In fact we were with the staff. First of all we met kangaroos, we could touch them.Then we met a wombat. He runs very fast: 40km/h. The lower part if his back is very hard, therefore it allows him to protect his burrow by standing in front of it so nothing can enter. We saw and touched snakes. After we saw special birds like kakatoes, eagles… Then we went to the health center. And at the end, we saw a koala, we could touch him and we took pictures. It was amazing.


Samedi, 11 avril

Daily report by Anais AULONG:

We have been in Australia for the second day and it’s the weekend, so we are with our Australian families.

First I eat a excellent breakfast with eggs in toasts and bacon, I loved that ! After we went to a shopping centre called Fountain Gate in Narre Warren . It’s a very big mall with a lot of shops , maybe 60! I was really impressed ! And I liked it! I discovered Australian fashion which is so different from ours ! So we entered in all shops ! Then we eat in a fast food called « Hungry jack’s » it’s like McDonalds but it’s better !
When we came back we went to the park it was so beautiful and I discovered Berwick, so beautiful town! I love it! I meet a lot of people and they’re so friendly and so nice.
Lastly for the dinner we had a typical Australian meal with a lot of vegetables : pumpkin, potatoes, corn, beans, onion, carrots and there was beef. It was really good ! After that I was very tired and I had a very good day!
Daily report by Lucie CHASTEL :
We had a really great breakfast before leaving. It was composed of toasts with bacon, onion, an egg and cheese: wonderful to start the day!
We left the house at 10:30 to go to a natural park called « Gumbuya Park ». This is a very interesting place to visit with family. This park contains a part with the history of aboriginal people (indigenous Australians) before European conquest. Natives were all black living in a very natural way. Then, you can admire native animals and animals living in Australia. Dingos are for example one of the native animals: they are dogs which lived in Australia before Europeans bring there. I also saw kangaroos (that i could touch) and koalas. After having a BBQ with family, I went to the « snakes part » with Kimberley and we took a photo with a snake around us. That was scary but really cool!
At 16:00 we left the park and had a walk in the center of Melbourne. This is a beautiful city! Then, we entered the famous Luna Park composed of a lot of attractions. It was really cool to see! Lastly, we saw a beach with the sunset: it was amazing!
At 18:30, we stopped in an Australian restaurant (which is open 24h/24). In this place you can eat pancakes with whatever you want on it!
We came back home late and a bit tired but i had an amazing day in Australia and I won’t forget it!

Sunday 12 april


Deux jours déjà sous le magnifique soleil de Melbpictureourne. Tout va bien. Les élèves dEchidnaécouvrent les animaux

image-10eaa951442849c4bb3a3cdb02b13aa9a801b296d3f840c8de019e16be8280c3-Vet le foot australien. Pendant ce temps, les professeurs s’oxygènent aussi !


Daily report by Albane NICOT:

Sunday afternoon was just a casual day afternoon: nap time and movies but the morning was way more exciting. My family and I went to the Lengham hotel in Melbourne to have a nice breakfast, with a view of the waterfront. Then we went for a walk to see the « graffiti lane » and AC/DC lane. « Graffiti lane » is the nickname of the Hosier Lane, where it is possible to admire many stylish street art. AC/DC lane has been named after Australia’s worldwide famous band. My host father even told me that the sign has been stolen so many times that nowadays, there’s a camera above it, to look after it.

Demain, nous partons à la découverte du système scolaire australien avec nos amis de Beaconhills High.

Lundi 13 avril

 Daily report by Chloé CHABANNES-DELCOURT

Today was my first day at school. With my host student we went from 8.40 am to 8.55 am to her « Tutor ». Teachers called the students names to make sure they were at school. Those students are part of the same house. We can compare a house with groups like Gryffondor or Slitherine in Harry Potter because there are students from every grade and they have one color per house. The students of the house meet once a week or two because they have a final project to create together. I think it is a theater act this year that every house has to do but every house has a different theme. For example my host student’s house must inspire itself from the film « Transformers ».
For my first two periods, I followed my host student. We went to Methods, which is Maths. It lasted an hour and twenty minutes because each period lasts 40 minutes.
Then with the other French from the exchange who are in Berwick campus we had a history lesson. That lasted a period and was very interesting ! I did not know much about Australia and I think it helps us to understand their culture. I learnt for example that in the 20th century, there was something called the « stolen generation ». The palest children of the Aboriginals were taken away from their parents to be mixed with white people. Those white people thought that thanks to that the Aboriginals could disappear because after some generations we would not see the different color of skin. It was basically a genocide. But that is just one of the sad part of their history. After that lesson we had a break (25 minutes) where they usually use to eat a snack. Then we went to a French class where all the students from the exchange of Berwick were. We drunk juices and ate lamingtons, which are typical cakes from Australia made with chocolate, coco.
For the two next periods we followed our host student so I had French. We read a text and
answered questions. Then at 1 it was lunch time. They do not eat at the cafeteria which to their mind is not good but they bring their own food. They even have a fridge and a microwave ! At 1.50 pm all the French exchange students had a two periods lesson which was French. This time
we were with a year 10 (Seconde in France). Each French was with an Australian and helped him or her to create a French meal.
We finished at 3.20 am but my penfriend’s mother finishes work later so we waited for her and
talked with a friend and teachers. I thought that their way of teaching is really more relaxed than ours. However I prefer our way of teaching because in their school I think it is more up to them. I guess they are too young to decide how and how often they want to work.
At home I worked a little. We had dinner. I think the meals are not that different to France but they do not often take any dessert like we do nor starters. I spoke a lot with my penfriend and her mother about the differences between Australia and France, the accents, languages and culture. That was such an interesting conversation ! That was my first day of australian school.

Mardi 14 Avril

Campus de Pakenham,

La classe des Arts. Nous avons appris la technique de la faïence avec John Irving.
art1  art3  art5 art6
Ils se préparent à leur discours et à participer vendredi au cross. Le drapeau français sera à l’honneur !

students in class History class

Campus de Berwick : un peu de détente et des échanges avec une classe de 9e année. Malheureusement, en raison de la pluie nous n’avons pas pu apprendre à jouer au football australien, ce n’est que partie remise !


Daily report by Maeva BOURNY:

Today was a school day. In the morning, we followed our host students in their classes. The first hour was, for some of us, an hour of study. So we went to the common room. This room is very different from Immaculée Conception: there are sofas, and a photo and the birthday of each student are hung on the walls.
Then all the students from the same house met all together in order to organize the Athletics Carnaval wich take place on Friday.
After the break, we had sport, but a few of us looked at the younger students who were doing sport.
In the afternoon, after the lunch, we took part in a French class. We helped the students to translate sentences into French or into English.
At 3:20 pm, at the end of the school day, we returned to our correspondent’s house.

Mercredi, 15 avril
Campus de Pakenham
Nous avons été invités par les enfants de l’école primaire en cours de français avec Mlle Phillis.
Campus de Berwick
A notre tour de découvrir les arts, en particulier aborigène … puis classe de cuisine avec comme recette le célèbre gâteau ANZAC
daily report by Amandine GOULAY:
 Today we went to school with our host students. We had an art lesson where we made aboriginal drawings. We had to do dots and lines with the painting.
After we had a cook technology class, we made typical Australian biscuits, the ANZAC biscuits. This biscuits was created during the war by Australians et New Zealanders. We took it to eat it later. We had lunch outside in a sunny place.
And this afternoon, we had to follow our host students so some of us came in a health lesson or psychology class about how attachments are handled.

Jeudi 16 april

Visite à Sovereign Hill où le soleil a fait briller les pépites d’or ! Nos élèves ont donc été bien occupés :DSCN1185

Ballarat1 Ballarat2 Ballarat3 Ballarat4 Ballarat5 Ballarat6

Nous sommes revenus plus riches!

Daily report by Aurore BEZIER/ Elisa SOULIE

We went to Sovereign Hill. This is a little town created as a old western Town. We left the campus at 9:15 and we arrived there at 11:20 am. When we arrived, we looked for gold and we found some pieces of gold. We went to the mine to discovered the story of the minors or something like that ( we didn’t understand everything because the person in charge of the discovering didn’t switch on the animations). After lunch, we had time to discover the place and we saw people wearing outfits of the western times. There was gold bullion manufacturers and candles epochs and their support. There was also a candy factory , it was rather funny. we could take selfies with people dressed . We left sovereign Hill at 4:30pm and we arrived at the Berwick campus at 6:00pm.

Vendredi, 17 avril

Journée sportive sur les deux campus. Les Français ont brillé !

  • Amandine : 1ere en saut en hauteur
  • Eva : 3e place au 400m
  • Team France : 3e place au relai à trois pieds !
  • Marion 3e place au 100m



Daily report by Marion GAUTEUR

Every year the school organizes an athletics carnival in a huge stadium near Beaconhills college. So this time we had the chance to participate.
All the school has to come, people can choose any sport of Athletics like 100 meters, 400 meters races, high jumping…
Each house composes a team and when a member of the team wins a race, he brings points to his house. The winner will be the house with the most points.
This day was very nice because we were all involved in this competition. Everyone was excited to do it. French students formed the French team. We wore costumes with the colors of France to represent our country. Only year 12 could wear costumes because it’s their last year. There were Harry Potter, gymnasts, Power Rangers… The atmosphere was electric.
Australians implied us a lot: we did the 3 legged race. It’s a relay composed of 5 pairs and each student was attached with the leg of another. We finished third so we were quite good. Amandine also won the high jumping and all the French were supporting her.
What pleased me was that everyone was involved in this event and they were all happy to do it. People who didn’t want to play were cheering the others. It’s not an event to win something but just to have fun.

I think we are all ready to do it again, so it would be a great idea to organize it at Immaculée Conception… (Maybe one day)


 Saturday 18 april
report by Eva HARDOUIN
On Saturday 18th, I woke up very late about 11:30am. Thus I took a big breakfast (tea, toast with peanut butter and an apple) and a shower also. At 12:30am, Nicole (Jayde’s mother) and I went to Chadstone (approximately 30minutes by car), one of the biggest mall of the Victoria’s state. I saw some French brands in it as Lacoste, MontBlanc, L’occitane en Provence… We went also to Coles which is a supermarket. It’s amazing there are a lot of varieties of fruits and vegetables. We came back at home at 4:30pm. One hour later, Jayde and I were ready to go to Chelsea’s where another French student was there, Albane. We spoke and laughed a lot all together. Moreover, we ate Tacos with Chelsea’s family! It was delicious. Afterwards, we watched the American L.O.L which is approximately the same as the French one. Surely because it’s the same director. We went to bed at 10:30pm. And that’s it for my day!

Sunday 19 april

report by Marine PROVOST
I woke up at 9:30 am. Then, I had a breakfast with my host family : toast with peanut butter and a cup of tea.
We left home at 11:00 am to go to the market, which takes place every sunday, I was looking for Ugg Boots. Afterwards, we went to Chadstone, the biggest shopping center I have ever seen. There are plenty of different logos from many countries. I found it striking, but some French logos are there, such as « L’Occitane » or « Lacoste ». We spent the afternoon there, went shopping. We ate at roughly 3:30 pm, a sausage roll : that was very tasty. We went back home and watched Django Unchained before dinner. For dinner, we ate barbecue, chicken, egg plant, mushrooms and potatoes. And for the desert, we ate a « charlotte », that I cooked yesterday for my host family.

Monday 20 april

Découverte du sanctuaire de Healesville. Sur ce site sont protégées de nombreuses espèces très rares.

Daily report by Clothilde GEISSLER

This Monday, we went to the Sanctuary of Healesville. The Healesville Sanctuary is fighting against wildlife extinction and offers the opportunity to come close up to unique Australian animals.
There, we saw many different animals like Emus, Koalas, Kangaroos, Iguana, Dingos, Snakes, Wombats, Possums …
We were independents to walk in the zoo so we choose what shows or animals we wanted to see. For example, there was a bird show which was a show with an eagle, a parrot and other types of birds. They were flying really close to the audience which was amazing. Also, we saw the parrot Kevin which spoke to the audience and that was really funny.
We came back to our schools at 3:15 after a great day

dingokoala1Wambat1groupMAimage3 (2)image2image1

Tuesday 21 april

Campus Berwick
Ce matin nous avons rendu visite à une classe de classe maternelle puis après un bon repas préparé par les correspondants australiens,  nous avons fait un mille patte en origami avec Sensei Takamatsu, arigato gosaimas!

Daily report by Marie VERGER et Constance BOUTIER:

This morning, we had class with prep where we drew the French flag, croissants and baguettes. Each of us had a prep student and we talked to them about France. At the end of the class, they sang a song for us.

We had house, which is like ‘vie de classe’, where students are together talking. Members of the same house have the same color stripe in their tie.

After recess, we had French class with Mrs Gnunu, we did exercises and actions. At the beginning, they sang a song to remind themselves not to speak in English. After they read a story in little groups to be sure they understand what they’re reading. Then they played games about the text and answered questions about characters. For the whole class when they spoke French they did an action for it: it is the gesture method. It was very different compared to France.

For lunch, we ate food made by the Australian families. It was very cool and very good.

After lunch, we went to the Chapel with prep. For 40 minutes, we sang and did prayers. This never happens in France like a class, it’s an extra during lunch for a special event.

At 2.35pm, we went to the Japanese class to do Origami (make animals with paper). First, Mrs Takamatsu taught us some Japanese sentences. For example:
Hello – Konnichiwa
Thank you – Arigato gozaimas
See you later – Ittekimas
How are you? – Ogenki deska?
Then we made frogs in origami, which was quite easy for some and very hard for others. We finished the day with this funny activity.

Wednesday 22 april

Visite de Melbourne à pieds.


daily report by Arthur HARDOUIN : N/A

Thursday 23 april

daily report de Morgane BOSSUYT:

today, Thursday 23rd of April, the day starts in Churchill Island at a reconstitution of an old farm, just like the ones we saw in Sovereign Hill. nice to have a look but nothing really new in my opinion. After lunch, an hour of free time near the sea: beach or shopping in barely interesting shops to me. Afterwards we headed to the Koala Sanctuary in Phillip Island, watching Jean Claude the Wallaby jumping away as we scared him and his friends. A nice Koala, chewing some gum leaves with its so cute lazy face caught our attention for quite a while, until we eventually walked away see some others, sleeping deeply, barely steady on their branches. Finally we drove up to the place we were all looking forward to: the Penguin Parade. After a long time spent looking at the sea, watching waves crash in fluffy moss, standing in the wind and cold, we could lastly guess some uncommon rocks moving from the sea to the sand. Penguins, with their wet feathers like some armor, looked like little soldiers marching toward us. They were actually very small groups, packed up in a protecting manner, quickly getting up to the hills behind us, were their houses are. We watched the few penguins slowly, prancing about, toward their shelters, before finally returning home.

vendredi 24 avril


Quelques nouvelles de l’échange à la veille de notre départ pour Great Ocean Road jusqu’au dimanche soir.

Tout d’abord, nous n’avons pas été concernes par les orages. Nous avons vu à la TV  les dégâts causés sur la ville de Sydney. Nous allons pouvoir visiter, en espérant sous le soleil, qui nous suit depuis le début de notre séjour.

Les jeunes français sur les deux campus arrivent tous les matins avec le sourire, la separation va être difficile demain matin…

Pour fêter notre presence, nous sommes tous invités ce soir au restaurant avec les familles australiennes.

Apres avoir participé aux journées sportives, aux assemblées, à une cérémonie religieuse, á un exercice d’incendie…, nous avons la chance de prendre part cet après midi à Anzac Day.  Il s’agit du centenaire donc tout le pays est mobilisé.

Nous espérons avec Mme SCHOUSBOE que vous appréciez les articles que les élèves rédigent chacun à leur tour.

Bonne fin de semaine


daily report by Olivier d’Andigné

Today, Friday 24th of April, it was the last day with our host family and the last day in Melbourne. At the beginning of the school day, we had a French lesson with Mrs Pinchuk and we made some pancakes all together. It was a great time! Just before lunch we saw a movie. This is the story of father who lost his 3 children during the First World war in Turkey, he decided to travel there to see what happened to them and  whether there is a chance that they are alive or not. During the last period we went to the ANZAC (Australian and New Zealand Army Corps) ceremony to commemorate the soldiers died during the First World war. That was our last day at Beaconhills college. On the evening all the students and their families came to a place to dinne all together and say good bye  for our last night with them. This conclude our two weeks with the families . It was an unforgettable trip in Melbourne and now we are going to the great ocean road and after we will discover Sydney!

Samedi 25 avril

daily report by Maxime PEGE

Today we said goodbye to our host family, there were tears but  » the show must go on « . We took the bus to the Great Ocean Road with a guide called Rael who showed us how to play didgeridoo and Lenny the bus driver. Than we started the trip. We stopped a lot of time so the trip was not boring at all. We saw the most famous surfing beach in the world, then the sign  » Great Ocean Road. We ate our lunch then went to the Otwayrainforest. To prove to us that the forest is wild, a branch on the side of the road hit the windshield. No one was hurt except the bus. Than we drove to the camping where we lasted one night. The dinner was really cool, a family cooked us pizzas, even the little child. We played a game with all the french around the campfire than we went to bed.

Dimanche 26 avril

Notre périple sur la Great Ocean Road s’est très bien déroulé : aventures, découvertes et somptueux paysages.

Nous venons d’arriver sans emcombres à Sydney. Nous avons découvert avec joie notre logement, très bien situé avec une vue imprenable sur l’Opera House … Un peu de retard dans le blog mais cela va venir !

daily report by Thibault DOUILLET :

Survival period : We woke up at 7 : 00 in the camping in Bimbi park, then we had a generous breakfast (thanks to God Nutella), and we left at 9 : 15.

Gymnastic period. We made a short stop to saw some wild koalas, ( actives! ) at the top of trees, on little branch.

Religion period. We drove a little longer, and we discovered 8 beautiful and enormous clay columns standing in the sea, and called  » Apôtres  » by the firsts settlers.  The last thing of the Great Ocean Road was an amazing gorge were a ship broke more than 200 years ago. The view of the ocean was just magnificent!

History period. To finish we came back in Melbourne to take the plane to Sydney.

Mardi 28 avril

Il y a tellement de choses à voir et à faire sur Sydney,que nous avons un peu de mal à tenir le blog à jour … Lundi, nous avons visité The Rocks, l’Opéra. Aujourd’hui, le soleil a de nouveau brillé sur Sydney et nous avons profité d’une merveilleuse balade sur le côte pour arriver à la non moins célèbre Bondi beach. La journée s’est achevée par une visite du parlement et une pizzéria où nos élèves se font fait remarquer … par des Nantais et pour leur bonne conduite ! Excellente soirée pour tous !!

Le départ approche à grand pas mais les aventures australiennes ne sont tout à fait pas encore terminées 😉

daily report by Arthur HARDOUIN
Second day in Sydney ; we had to get up earlier ’cause we had to be ready a 8 a.m! After a quick walk we took the bus to join a beach. After some kicks on the beach we had to walk to an other one … On the road to the next beach we stoped to play a little rugby game (with a beautiful view of the ocean). Then we arrived a the second beach: some of us swam a bit but it had to be quick ’cause we had to join our last destination Bondi beach !
After this we took a bus which took us to the parliament of New South Wales ! It is divided in two main chambers : low chambers and high chambers ! In the low one we played a role play ! In the second one we didn’t but we laugh a lot ’cause the guide was indian so his accent was terrible for us to understand !
And we finished the day with free time in the streets of Sydney !
Photo de Astrid Deniau.
Le retour des pingouins !
Vendredi 1 mai
Pour continuer à partager vos souvenirs, Chloé a crée sur Face book un groupe privé. Demandez à le rejoindre et déposez votre sélections de photos.
Bon courage pour la reprise

6 réflexions au sujet de « Australie 2015 »

  1. merci de nous amener un peu avec vous.
    Perso, je ne suis pas sur facebook, je n’ai que le blog pour avoir des nouvelles et cela me fait très plaisir de voir quelques moments au bout du monde.

  2. Suis allée sur internet pour le gâteau ANZAC ! Nombreuses recettes de Mumu, de Bernard … et Wikipedia… Je vais essayer une cuisson en cherchant du Golden syrup et en attendant votre recette. Bonne dégustation. Pensons bien à vous.

  3. Hello students !!
    No, you can never get rid of me… even when you put 16,000 km between you and me !! 😉
    This blog is a very good idea, I enjoy reading your daily reports, it enables me to re-discover Australia through your eyes. I’m also very glad to see that you’re having a great time.
    Enjoy the rest of your stay, this is such a unique experience, you’ll remember it for the rest of your life. You are VERY lucky kids, I hope you realise that !!
    One last thing : be nice to Mrs Boutier and Mrs Schousboe… 😉

  4. Un ressenti de joie de vivre et de bonheur à l’état naturel …cela nous fait vraiment chaud au cœur de vous entendre et vous voir !
    Un p’tit clin d’œil aux athlètes féminines qui ont défendu dignement les couleurs françaises en terre australe….FRANCE is proud of you !!!!
    Simple question :  » And French boys, what result ?  »
    Vivement demain …for… what else ?
    Be happy ……………….!!!

  5. It was difficult to say good buy to you, guys! My classes seem to be very quiet now. Good to see your photos from Sydney – the weather was with you! I hope to see many of you back in Australia some time soon.

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